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braveheart 2018-09-22 03:39 AM

Friday Video: Recreating Madame Rcamier's Coiffure

https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Psx0qDDWb...Chinard%2B.jpgChinard, Mme RcamierLoretta reports:

I have mentioned Madame Rcamier before, mainly in connection with furniture (here and here). She is quite well known among Regency/Napoleonic era aficionados, both for her portraits and her salon.

The Grard and David portraits of her will be familiar to many. However, being mainly interested in the chaise longue, I hadnt really noticed the marble bust by Joseph Chirard, until I came upon Janet Stephenss video. Ms Stephens has posted several YouTube videos explaining Greek and Roman hair styles, which in turn help us get a better sense of the powerful influence of Greek and Roman statuary on this period of fashion in Europe and America.

Video by Janet Stephens: Authentic Napoleonic Hairstyle: MadameRecamier

Image: Bust of Juliette Rcamier by Joseph Chinard, in "Muse des Beaux-arts" of Lyon (France), photo by Philippe Als, Creative Commons license.
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